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With one of the most experienced appraisers and specialized valuation consultants in Canada, CM Valuations has both the experience and capacity to meet all your plant, machinery and equipment valuation needs.

CM Valuations has an extensive database used by qualified and experienced researchers, who are critical to the delivery of each high-quality valuation. The comprehensive research process which traces not only new or replacement prices but also documents recent sales in secondary and international markets. Our machinery and equipment valuations are independent, defensible in court and Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) compliant; we provide you with accurate and professional values for your machinery and equipment and business assets, whatever the reason for your plant, machinery and equipment valuation.

Type of businesses who may need valuations

Business Advisory Firms

Financial Institutions

Private Equity &
Accounting Firms


Insurance & Brokers

Our Accredited Appraisers

The Accredited Appraisers are specialized in plant and equipment appraisals for mid-to-large industrial plants and facilities. With more than 25 years of experience, they have delivered valuation and appraisal services on plant, machinery and equipment throughout North America.

Our extensive list of valuation services includes insurance and loss settlement, transactions, impairment testing, secured lending, purchase price allocations, financial accounting, financing, corporate restructuring and reconciliation services. As in addition to the valuation services, which includes, valuations, physical verification, estimation of useful lives and componentization costing services.

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We provide you with accurate and professional values for your plant, machinery, equipment and business assets.